Veteran Owned Company that produces one ..

Unit Crest Fire For Effects, LLC. Is owned and operated by two veterans who were able to turn a hobby into an

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 Humorous Stories – A Recipe For Love By Hoffman Institute  Posted March 6, 2017 By Jeffery Camp Telling

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Is Goat Beef? Tales From the Front, Served with Dishes From the Rear Jeffrey M. Camp Partridge, 76 pages, (pap

Kirkus Book Review of IS GOAT BEEF?..

KIRKUS REVIEW A decorated, retired Army veteran shares stories and recipes. Before giving readers the bulk of

IS GOAT BEEF? featured in the Glens Fal..

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — After the Maidan Shar police district in Afghanistan came through U.S. mil

What do you do with your old uniforms?.. I highly recommend Alix to prese

More desserts in the next book!..

Apple crisp Triple chunk brownie Pumpkin Pie   Just ask!