Veteran Owned Company that produces one of a kind, “American and Military Themed” products. – Jeffcamp

Unit Crest

Fire For Effects, LLC. Is owned and operated by two veterans who were able to turn a hobby into an opportunity.  Throughout our time in the military we have been a part of many awards ceremonies that often times end up presenting soldiers, and military supporters with gifts of appreciation and achievement that were anything but impressive, and predominantly it was the same type of gift being presented at these various ceremonies throughout the years.  We have been the recipients of these gifts through the passing years and at this point it becomes something that you shove in the back of a closet or tucked away in a box opposed to something you proudly display for your achievements, like it should be.   Noticing this occur year after year and ceremony after ceremony is what led to the inception of Fire For Effects.   We wanted to develop an award soldiers and veterans would proudly display in their homes or office.  An item that others would look at and look forward to the day they would receive something similar.  Thus providing a sought after item for such events.